Feather flags are a marketing tool used to catch the attention of potential customers at a crowded event or from a roadside. The flags are shaped in a swoop style that is tall and thin, like a feather, though other shapes are generally available for use to accommodate different tastes. The flags are printed in bright, solid colors or with a custom design to help catch the eye of people nearby and help drive customers to a new business or sale. Some popular messages printed on feather flags include “Sale”, “Open”, and “Now Hiring”, but businesses can have any custom message added to their flag. The flags are setup in soft soil or on top of hard ground with a long pole set that helps shape the flag fabric. Feather flags are typically seen at local festivals, company trade shows, nearby food trucks, and outside shops and are for both indoor and outdoor display.

What Are They Made Of?

To get the best feather flag possible, they should be made from knitted polyester fabric. This type of fabric is created for long-term, outdoor use and prevents the flag from ripping in the wind, rain, and other elements. This type of material is also easy to print on and creates more durable graphics that will not scratch or peel off. Many companies sell feather flags in nylon fabric, which does not last as long as polyester and is more likely to tear when exposed to wind and rain. The print is also not as vibrant as those on polyester flags. Nylon is often sold because it’s cheaper, but it ends up costing the customer more in the long run. Nylon flags can work for light indoor use but will not look as good as polyester fabric. The flagpoles are made from different levels of aluminum construction. If you are buying poles for a feather flag, check to see what the wind rating is for the pole set to see if it works for your setting.

Where Are They Used?

Feather flags are setup at all kinds of indoor and outdoor events to grab the attention of passersby. Food and shop vendors will place feather flags outside of their tent when vending at a local festival or fair to inform customers about their business, such as what they sell and if there are any special offers. Flags are also helpful during crowded events because people from far away and in different directions and see and read their message. Several indoor events, such as company conferences and trade shows, usually display feather flags outside of their booth for the same reason. Feather flags, however, can be used for long-term use rather than just during an event. Businesses announcing a sale, a grand opening, what they sell, or just their name and logo will setup flag displays in front of their location to increase brand awareness among locals. In this case, the flags will be displayed for months or daily.

How Much Do They Cost?

The price of feather flags depends on where you buy them, if you get custom printing, and if you are buying the best material. Getting pre-made feather flags with popular messages, such as “Open”, will cost less than if you buy a flag with your own design. If you are getting a personalized flag, make sure to find a company that has full color printing (or CMYK color printing). This will allow you to add as many colors and details as you need to your design without it affecting the overall price. Cheap feather flags made from nylon and with pre-printed designs can cost as low as $40 with all the setup equipment and around $50 with a custom design. These cheaper models usually include a black pole sleeve rather than a printed one. If, however, you are looking for a better made version with complete printing on the sleeve, they will cost at least $50 for stock prints and about $100 for custom graphics. Keep in mind, these better-quality flags will last longer than the cheaper flags and have more design space.

How Do You Set Them Up?

Feather flags are set up with a pole set and some type of base. Flag companies usually offer different types of pole sets for indoor and outdoor display and varying wind ratings. No matter which one you choose, however, they are setup the same. Aluminum pole sets connect without tools for convenience. The top section of the pole slips through the sleeve of the feather flag to create the shape and the flag usually comes with a strip of fabric to connect the bottom of the flag to the pole set. The bottom section of the pole set attaches to the top of the base of your choice. For soft ground, such as dirt, sand, and grass, there are ground stakes that insert into soil. If you are placing your flag on harder ground, like pavement, asphalt, or floor tiles, then a cross base or base plate is typically used. These bases are laid on flat surfaces and supported with weight bags for further stability. The weight bags fill with either sand or water and stack on top of the base.

How Do You Clean Them?

Cleaning your feather flag is easy and can be done in a washing machine. There are several precautions to remember, however. The machine should be set to a slow setting and detergent without bleach should be used. When you are done washing the flag, the material should be air dried rather than machine dried. Make sure not to fold the material when it’s wet. If you need to remove wrinkles from a flag, a steamer should be used rather than an iron. If you only have an iron, though, it should be set to the lowest possible setting to safely use it on the flag material.


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