Tablecloths are not just for use as home décor on kitchen and dining room tables. They are also custom marketing tools that businesses utilize when displaying at trade shows or vending at fairs and festivals. Table covers are customized with company logos, slogans, and contact information to increase brand awareness. Rather than being made from flimsy, decorative cloth like most styles for home use, trade show tablecloths are made from stronger polyester material that is crafted to withstand a rough and tumble display circuit. These types of marketing tablecloths come in different styles to suit different preferences. So which style should you go with? Deciding on the right tablecloth for your event depends on what design you want printed and how you want the table cover to look on your table.


Probably the most common table cover you will see businesses use is the standard style. Standard tablecloths drape over the table in the classic fashion usually seen on home décor covers. These tablecloths are very versatile to suit all kinds of events and settings, which is why they continue to be a popular choice. Sometimes, however, more detailed custom prints can be obstructed by the drape, so it is something to keep in mind when choosing a table cover. Standard trade show table covers often come in either 3-sided or 4-sided coverage options. The 3-sided option accommodates vendors who need to store catalogues, boxes, and other items underneath the table. Standard tablecloths are used on 4ft, 6ft, and 8ft tables, but most companies also offer them in custom sizes so that everyone can find the ideal size for their table.


The fitted table cover style showcases the entire custom design with less of a drape, making it a better choice for detailed or wordy artwork. Fitted tablecloths have a rectangular shape that fully displays the design. These table covers also come in 3-sided and 4-sided coverage options so that businesses displaying at trade shows and conferences can store promotional materials underneath the table and out of the way of guests. The fitted option works on table sizes between 4ft-8ft, but most custom printing companies also offer custom sizes to accommodate a wider range of foldable tables.


The stretch style tablecloths are like the fitted layout, except the stretch option conforms to the shape of the table rather than a rectangle. Stretch tablecloths are made from stretchy polyester with pockets on the bottom for securing on the table feet. These options do not have any drape like the standard and fitted versions. Stretch table covers also have 3-sided and 4-sided coverage options, but there are more choices for what the back of the table will look like. There is the more classic, curved banquet style in 3-sided and 4-sided options, or the back of the tablecloth can include a zipper. It is less likely that stretch table covers  are available in custom sizing, but they still fit the standard 4ft, 6ft, and 8ft tables. This tablecloth style is perfect for showcasing a full, detailed design while emphasizing the shape of the table.

Area Imprint vs. All Over Imprint

When buying table covers from a printing company, they will usually give you the option between area and all over printing. What is the difference between them, and which one should you choose? All over imprinting allows your design to cover the entire table cover while area imprinting has your design printed on specified areas of the fabric, usually the front and back. Companies who are just getting their logo printed on a tablecloth often choose the area imprint layout while businesses that want a fuller design that includes a background, go with the all over format. If you go with the area imprint option, you can often select a background color from a variety of choices. It is important to think about what your design looks like and how much of the tablecloth you want it to cover when selecting between imprint options.


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