Retractable banners are portable banner displays that are commonly exhibited by businesses at trade shows and events to showcase their products and services. Retractable banners differ from traditional banners because they come installed in a base and are expanded to create a free standing banner display. They are popular across multiple industries because they are so easy to transport and set up, and they are highly effective at conveying a brand message to a passing audience using bright, full color graphics and imagery.

There are several different types of retractable banners, with sizes ranging from small to large. Display companies like MegaPrint and Vispronet provide retractable banners designed for table display, backdrop versions, outdoor styles, as well as traditionally sized indoor retractable banners. These versatile banners go by multiple names, including pop up banners, roll up banners, and stand up banners. Each of these terms can be used interchangeably, and each describes the same product.

As stated above, retractable banners come rolled up and pre-installed in a base. To display, the banner is expanded from the base, and supported by an anchor pole in the rear to keep the banner expanded and standing upright. When you are finished displaying, the support pole is collapsed, and the banner is retracted back into the base. The base also stores the support poles, making it perfect for on the go display. All of these features come together to create a highly effective, and popular marketing display that can be employed not only by businesses, but also by charities, educational organizations, churches, and more!

Highly Portable Displays

One of the biggest benefits of displaying retractable banners is the portability. To start, pop up banners come pre-installed in the base, which is typically a hard shell crafted from durable and lightweight aluminum. This shell protects the banner and internal hardware from possible damage from liquids, dust, or hard falls. The compact design allows for easy and safe transport to and from shows and allows for easy storage. Because the base is made from aluminum, it is lightweight and easy to maneuver around when trying to find the perfect display location.

Showcase Your Custom Graphics

Whether you are displaying at a trade show or a church event, pop up banners are effective at attracting the attention of passing traffic with vibrant, eye-catching graphics. They are typically displayed right at eye level, whether that be floor standing, or perched on a counter or tabletop. They are excellent at spreading brand awareness and conveying a marketing message to potential customers, which is beneficial for increasing brand value, as well as for generating new business. The more familiar customers are with a specific brand, the more likely they are to choose it over competing brands.

Versatile Advertising Banner

Retractable banners are displayed by businesses across all industries because they are so versatile. While they are excellent at spreading brand awareness at events, they are also commonly displayed in business lobbies, religious organizations, and public buildings to advertise upcoming events and programs. They are displayed in the background during presentations or speaking events to help drive home key points. Because they can be collapsed and stored, they can be showcased year after year without showing any signs of wear and tear. Most pop up banners allow you to swap out the banner when you are ready to advertise something new so they can be reused over and over again for different promotions and campaigns.

Durable Trade Show Displays

Retractable banners are highly durable and are designed to last through a rough and tumble display circuit. Bases are typically crafted from super durable and lightweight aluminum, keeping the banner and the spring mechanism safe from drops and possible damage. The banners themselves are usually made from heavy duty and tear-resistant vinyl or polyester. Vinyl banners are printed with UV-resistant inks and are safe to display outdoors in direct sunlight without worrying about any fading or color deterioration.

Easy Setup and Breakdown

Setting up a retractable banner is a quick and easy task that can completed by one person without the use of any tools. Setup takes less than two minutes and involves opening the base, connecting the support poles, expanding the banner, and hooking the banner to the top of the support pole to keep it standing upright. To break down, just complete the assembly setup steps in reverse and you are ready to go! The quick and simple assembly and breakdown is another benefit of displaying retractable banners and sets them apart from other banner styles and signage.


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