For many small business owners, navigating a trade show or event circuit can be a highly rewarding and sometimes exhausting experience. From the early morning starts to poor weather days, displaying at shows and outdoor events can really be a grind. With the proper planning and know how, trade shows and events can open your company up to endless business opportunities and to new customers. Knowing which trade show displays to choose from can help you avoid mistakes and setbacks and can save your company valuable time and money. Below we offer some advice for the best and most practical portable trade shows displays that will help your booth stand out and keep customers engaged.

1. Pop Up Displays

Pop up displays, or pop up booths, are background booth displays that typically feature company branding, artwork, or marketing messaging. They are very popular at trade shows and events and can range from tabletop sizes up to large 10ft displays. Pop up booths are very portable and are easy to setup and break down. They typically include a lightweight expandable frame and detachable graphics that are printed in brilliant full color on a slightly stretchy polyester fabric. Installation is a quick and easy process and involves expanding the frame and adding the polyester graphics via hook and look fasteners. Breakdown is just as easy, with the expandable frame shrinking to a manageable size that is easy to carry and transport to the next event.

2. Banner Stands

Banner stands are very popular trade show displays because they are highly effective at attracting the attention of perspective customers and are very easy to transport. There are multiple different styles of banner stands, but the two most popular are retractable banners and backdrop banners. Retractable banners are perfect for travel because the banner comes pre-installed in a hard shell base and can be quickly expanded to create a free standing banner display. Setup take less than a minute and can be completed by one person. Sizes for retractable banners can range from small, table sized banners up to large background sizes. Backdrop banners, or step and repeat banners, are large sized banner stands that function as backdrops at trade shows and events. They typically feature company branding and are available in vinyl and polyester materials. Backdrop banners can function as a background for a trade show or event booth but can also function as a photo backdrop for passing guests.

3. Table Covers

While displaying at trade shows and events, customized table covers play an important role in creating a positive first impression for perspective customers and clients. Professionally styled tablecloths are excellent at catching the attention of passerby with full-color graphics, showcasing company logo’s, branding, and marketing messaging. Personalized tablecloths are also highly affordable, offering a less expensive and more versatile alternative to a standard trade show counter or podium.

Tablecloths come in many shapes and sizes and are lightweight, making them highly portable and easy to store. They are also simple to set up, with only one person needed for installation and breakdown. Another benefit of displaying a table covers is the coverage they provides, hiding unsightly nicks and scratches on tabletop and table legs.

4. Customized Canopy Tents

If you are displaying outdoors at shows and festivals, custom canopy tents can be the perfect solution for increasing brand awareness and for protecting your guests from the hot sun or a torrential downpour. Custom canopy tents can help your brand stand apart from the competition with unique, eye-catching graphics and imagery. Customers are more likely to recognize a custom designed tent, which can lead to an increase in consumer brand recognition. This increase in brand recognition helps increase customer loyalty, which can help grow sales exponentially in the long run. Canopy tents are also very durable and are designed to last for years and years before showing any signs of wear and tear.

5. Literature Stands

Some of the most popular yet overlooked trade show displays are portable literature racks and stands.  Literature racks hold important marketing collateral such as brochures, magazines and catalogs and showcases them right in front of the customer. Compared to piling up handouts on your table or podium display, literature stands offer a professional and well organized solution for handing out marketing collateral, especially if there is no sales person present. Most portable literature racks are lightweight and can be assembled and broken down without the use of any tools. When completely broken down and collapsed, they are easy to store and travel with to the next event.   


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