Trade shows, festivals, and events are the perfect venues for brushing shoulders with competitors and engaging with new, potential customers. One of the most popular advertising methods used by businesses at shows and events is displaying a custom designed pop up tent. Compared to traditional white or solid colored tents, custom canopies can showcase a logo, personalized design, or a branded marketing message to a passing crowd of potential customers. Below are the top 5 benefits of displaying a custom pop up tent for your brand.

1. Increases Brand Value

Custom pop up tents are excellent at spreading brand awareness and increasing brand recognition. They are commonly displayed by businesses at crowded events like festivals and trade shows and feature colors, fonts, and designs that reflect the company’s branding. Increasing brand awareness and recognition is an important step to acquiring new customers, and also for building a base of returning customers. In a study conducted by Rebootonline, research showed that adding signature colors to logos and marketing materials can increase consumer brand recognition by up to 80%. [1]

Customized canopies can also elevate customer loyalty by creating a more positive shopping experience for the customer. When businesses use effective branding, customers are more likely to develop a relationship with that brand compared to competing businesses. When comparing two similar businesses, customers are far more likely to choose the brand they recognize over the unfamiliar competitor.

2. Versatile and Lightweight Tent Display

Not only are pop up tents used for large events like trade shows and festivals, but they are also commonly displayed at smaller more personal venues like sporting events, concerts, and charity posts. Canopy tents can also be displayed indoors, and you can spot them at an array of indoor sites like school pep rallies, job fairs, blood drives, and fundraisers. The versatility of branded pop up tents makes them a great investment for any business that exhibits at indoor or outdoor events.

3. Durability & Reliability

Pop up tents are typically crafted with high-quality parts so they can last through a rough and tumble trade show or event circuit. Canopies are made from heavy duty vinyl that is reinforced with tear-resistant binding strips and fasteners to keep the canopy intact without any holes or imperfections. Canopies typically boast flame-resistance and water-resistance for safe exhibiting while cooking underneath or displaying outdoors. Frames are crafted from durable powder coated steel or lightweight aluminum and come with reinforced truss bars for added strength and stability.

4. Weather Protection

Although custom canopy tents can be used for branding purposes, they are also designed to protect you and your guests from the elements when displaying outdoors. Whether shielding customers from the blazing sun or from a torrential downpour, pop up tents offer protection from weather, so your business can avoid shutting down and packing up early. Canopy tents can also be weighed down with tent weights and ground stakes to ensure the canopy stays safely attached to the ground in case of windy weather. If a storm is turning stronger with more violent winds, pop up tents can be quickly disassembled and packed up in minutes.

5. Simple Setup and Breakdown

Pop up tents are simple to setup and breakdown, and typically do not need more than a couple people to complete the whole process. Once businesses get to their display location, setup and installation can start immediately and does not involve the use of any tools.  The first steps of the process are unfolding and expanding the frame, adding the canopy on top, and extending the support poles of the frame. Then you can raise the telescoping legs to your required height, and the custom canopy tent is ready for display.